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NTT Translator, iRemocon Wi-Fi, Radiation readers: The Headlines in Tokyo for Dec. 9

Here is the daily roundup from Japanese consumer tech and tech business websites for Dec. 9, 2014.

NTT makes Japanese tourists more welcome with new app

NTT Docomo (NYSE: DCM), in collaboration with Masugo, a well known food store at Kyoto’s Nishiki Market, have developed a simple mobile device-based system that is aimed at enabling proper communication with coming visitors and tourists to Japan.

The app, which is generally described as an optimized version of a translation tool, aids market goers and store owners alike with the use of a multi-lingual interface. Combining phrase lists with a speak-and-translate function, it lists words and phrases that are commonly spoken or asked by foreigners at specific spots around towns and cities. NTT Docomo points out that the primary difference of its newly developed app is its integration with a custom tablet or smartphone, enabling it to be used more efficiently than ordinary translation tool apps.

The app is currently in its testing phase, with proof-of-concept units to be tested at the Nishiki Market until at least mid-January 2015.

Glamo launches iRemocon Wi-Fi version

Glamo unveils the latest updated version of its iRemocon series of universal home electronics remote system, the iRemocon Wi-Fi. The new version will feature outdoor use options, as well as better integrated enhancements to its other already installed functions.

The iRemocon Wi-Fi primarily features an enhancement that allows users to use its remote control functions even when outside home. Unlike most remote home appliance apps, it provides a single device solution, enabling any smartphone or tablet installed with its customized app to efficiently control any connected appliance, electronics, or home device, without having to access its local network.

The new iRemocon Wi-Fi would still retain, most of its older predecessors’ extra features, such as temperature/humidity monitoring, and signal amplification.

Fujitsu develops live radiation monitoring system in Fukushima

Fujitsu FSAS Inc. will introduce a special monitoring service that would provide real time readings of present radiation levels around an area. The service will soon be implemented in the town of Kawamata, in Fukushima Prefecture.

Infamously known as the site of the most recent nuclear disaster in history, the Prefecture of Fukushima and its citizens have always been wary about radiation safety levels near the damaged nuclear power plant. Using ground-installed measuring devices, Fujitsu plans to provide network-connected digital post signs all around the town of Kawamata to help determine radiation levels at any given moment. The readings would not only provide on-the-dot readable digital information, but the measurements will also be sent to a cloud database, where it will be analyzed to generate a map that would display these radiation readings in real time.