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Facebook to Finally Add ‘Dislike’ Button?

Facebook users have long wanted a way to express negativity about posts on the site, but so far they are limited to giving a thumbs up. This might soon change, however, as Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that his company is “considering” adding the much-wanted thumbs down.

At an open Q&A session at the company’s Menlo Park, California headquarters Zuckerberg was asked about the possibility of including the button. Zuckerberg said he’s “considering” the button but it’s not yet a sure thing.

“There are things in people’s lives that are sad, or that or tragic, and people don’t want to Like them,” he is quoted as saying. “We’ve talked about for a while how can people express a wider range of emotions like surprise.”

But Zuckerberg also said that such a button wouldn’t be there just to ‘down-vote’ comments that people don’t like.

“Some people have asked for a dislike button so they can say something isn’t good, and we’re not going to do that. I don’t think that’s good for the community,” he said.

This isn’t the first time the possibility of a dislike button has been brought up. Ever since the like button was first introduced speculation has been rampant that Facebook was on the verge of introducing a thumbs down.

However, Facebook brass have long been concerned about the negativity.

In an interview earlier this year, former Facebook CTO Brett Taylor, who is credited with the introduction of the like button in 2009, said that the very act of disliking was too complex to manifest into a single button. A dislike button would have to include everything from disapproval to sympathy.

“[The dislike button] came up a lot. In fact even the language of the word like was something we discussed a lot as well,” Taylor said to TechRadar. “But regarding the dislike button, the main reason is that in the context of the social network, the negativity of that button has a lot of unfortunate consequences.”