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Cross-strait News Daily Round-up for Dec. 19

Omate introduces its smartwatch for children

IBiz Technology introduced Omate KidFit, a smartwatchfor children, to Taiwan on Dec. 19.

“Omate KidFit is a smartwatch that was designed exclusively for children between the age of four and 10,” said Huang Hsin-hsiang (黃信祥), marketing director for iBiz.

Quoting the company’s research, Huang said that 85% of today’s parents would not allow their children who are younger than 11 to possess their own smartphones, although they have the needs for a device which allow them to stay in contact with their children.

“Omate KidFit is the resolution,” he said.

Huang said that the smartwatch allows parents to link with their smartphones via an app, that will allow two-way conversations. Also, the smartwatch has functions of GPS and SOS bottom that allows the user to dial emergency number.

The smartwatch is now available in Taiwan and will be sold at NT$2,990 (US$99) each.

Far EasTone to double 4G service subscribers

Far EasTone Telecommunications (TPE: 4904), Taiwan’s third-largest telecommunications carrier, said on Dec. 18 that the company is working hard in return of a hope to double the amount of 4G service subscribers next year.

Far EasTone Vice President Maxwell Cheng (鄭智衡) said that it expected the total amount of its 4G subscribers to reach two million by the end of next year, up from one million at the end of this year.

International Data Corp’s latest research said that total 4G subscribers in Taiwan are likely to reach between 8.4 million and 10 million by the end of next year.

“By the end of this year, total 4G subscribers would be 3.3 million to 3.5 million, or even 3.8 million, as there are four telecoms offering the service,” Cheng said.

He said that Far EasTone is planning to build more 4G stations on the 1,800MHz frequency band until there are twice as many stations than use the 700MHz frequency band.

Approximately 56% of the public believe they will receive a year-end bonus of one to three months: research

Cathay Financial Holding Co’s (TPE: 2882) made public the result of its latest research on Dec. 19 and said that 32% of the public believed that their salaries will be raised next year, while another 56% of them believed that they will receive a year-end bonus of one to three months of their salaries before the Lunar New Year.

Only 25.4% of the public would believe they would receive fatter paychecks for this year, when the same research was conducted a year ago, Cathay said. In addition, 62.8% of the public believed that their year-end bonus will be at least more than a month of their salaries.

However, about 51.3% of the public believed that they will be receiving the same amount of monthly paycheck next year, Cathay said.