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Cougar’s 500K Is An Affordable Gaming Keyboard

Cougar caters to enthusiast gamers looking for mechanical keyboards with its 700K and 600K, and is now venturing into the affordable keyboard segment with the 500K, which comes with membrane switches.

The 500K retains a similar design to the 700K, and comes with a feature-set that also includes 6 fully customizable G keys, detachable palm rest, 1000 Hz polling rate, n-key rollover and dedicated macro keys. There’s a USB port for connecting a mouse or other USB-enabled device, and the ability to control the backlight settings through the bundled software.

The 500K also offers on-the-go profile switching thanks to the presence of a 32-bit ARM processor (which stores three profiles), dedicated media controls, and the ability to quickly record macros and make adjustments on-the-fly.

Even though the 500K comes with membrane switches, Cougar mentions that the feedback will be just as good as what you would normally get with Cherry MX switches. The keyboard loses out on the brushed aluminium frame of the 700K, but otherwise manages to offer most of the features seen on the high-end mechanical keyboard.

Cougar did not announce pricing or availability, but based on the feature-set, the 500K is looking like a great keyboard for the entry-level segment.