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Define Mini mATX Case From Fractal Design: The Review

Fractal Define Mini: Final Thoughts

The Define Mini is an excellent choice for anyone that is looking to build a stylish Micro ATX or Mini ITX rig. It has all the functionality you would want in terms of accommodating high-end hardware – nice to see longer length VGA cards are supported with the removable HDD tray for example, plus support for larger PSUs too. It would be a great choice for anyone looking to build a real beast of a mATX rig.

In terms of silent operation, the thicker steel used, plus the noise absorbing insulation make the Mini one of the quietest rigs cases you will have ever used. Close the door on the front and even with the cooling fans running at 50%, you would struggle to know if the system is powered on or not. Thankfully there is an discreet LED light on the front that can help you with that.


If you are building a seriously high-end, high-performance rig with several drives, a top SKU CPU and dual high-end VGA cards however, you may want to think about removing the insulation from the additional fan vents and opting for better airflow. It’s great to see that Fractal have considered both aspects of PC building however. If this baby sits in the living room and performs only mid-level casual gaming, it is awesome that it can also be silent, but if it resides in your den and houses the highest performance hardware you can afford, maybe best keep the air flowing and just sit and enjoy that hum.

Finally, I have to say that throughout the experience the Define Mini did not reveal one single sharp edge, not something you can say of every PC chassis these days. It is a very well constructed, well finished and genuinely classy piece of kit that will make any enthusiast PC builder very happy indeed. At around $120, it’s not cheap but to be honest that is kind of the point. We give it our hearty recommendation and the VRWorld Gold award.