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Bigger Solar Players Set to Continue Market Domination in 2015: Research

EnergyTrend’s latest research said on Dec. 25 that those solar makers who could complete their global operations as soon as possible while increasing their quality and technology will become the winners for the market in 2015.

“In 2015, the majority of the solar makers will be expanding production capacity in a more rational manner; the increased production capacity will mainly be on par with the increased demands,” said Angus Kao (高嘉熙), analyst for EnergyTrend.

Kao said, however, the trend that the bigger players will remain strong has already emerged. In addition to the existing production advantage, the bigger makers also have international level of brand management, with higher brand recognition.

The future key to winning the market, he said, will depend on who can first complete the global strategic planning, diversifying to minimize the risk, and strengthen the technology and quality, enter the PV system business, and make use of the sales channel advantages.

Kao said that due to the new U.S. anti-dumping and countervailing duties final ruling, it is expected to accelerate the new module plant establishment in various countries in southeast Asia. A projected new production capacity of 1GW or more in this area is also expected, and this is another focal point to look out for in the future.