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ResMed S+: High Tech Help for Good Night’s Sleep

Is the ResMed S+ a valuable tool?

Yes, I found the information provided well worth while, especially since the free S+ by ResMed App now integrates with Apple HealthKit in iOS8. As Don Darkin, president, ResMed Sleep-Disordered Breathing business unit said: When paired with Apple HealthKit, S+ provides a daily sleep score that can be viewed and shared in the same manner as calories, steps walked or miles ran.

The ResMed S+ has many advantages. To begin with you aren’t burdened with something attached to your body to disturb your sleep while trying to track your sleep patterns. Secondly, it is designed and manufactured by a billion dollar company with a 25 year track record of producing prescription medical devices for sleep related disorders. None of the other newcomers to sleep tracking devices on IoT (Internet of Things) can make those claims.

To complement the ResMed product, we are waiting for the Android community to come up with a comparable API (application programmer interface) to compete with Apple’s HealthKit.

If you or any member of your family has sleep-related difficulties, BSN* recommends that you purchase the S+, because the information the device provides about your sleep patterns is very accurate and important to your health. I have taken the data to appointments with physicians to augment other information I am able to provide them.

Our special thanks to Kate Medcaff at Pepcom – San Francisco and Anna Romano from ResMed for introducing BSN* to this interesting new product.