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CES 2015: Razer Goes Entry-level With Nabu X Smartband

Razer is known for its gaming mice and keyboards, but of late, the brand has been diversifying into gaming notebooks, wearables and more. The vendor’s latest offering is the Nabu X, a smartband that allows users to receive notification alerts from connected devices and track fitness activity. The band will be available for just $19 to qualified fans at Razer’s Insider forums. The retail version will be available for $49, and is set to make its debut sometime later this year.

Razer’s Nabu X differs from the Nabu in that it does not feature a display. It instead comes with three red, green and blue LED indicators, which can be color-customized to differentiate between various kinds of notifications. For instance, if you get a message on Hangouts, you can set the red LED light to blink thrice.The LEDs can also be configured to show how close you are to achieving your daily fitness goals.

The smartband also comes with active sleep tracking and ability to monitor fitness activity. With a five to seven day battery life and water resistance in tow, the Nabu X is certainly a decent contender in the sea of affordable fitness trackers available today. The smartband pairs with Android and iOS devices, and there’s even an in-app marketplace which consists of utilities that build on the native functionality offered by the band.

The Nabu X will be offered in three color variations: black, white, and green. The sensor module that tracks your data is easily removable, allowing you to interchange bands as you see fit.

Razer is adding a social element to the bands, and has stated that the Nabu X will be able to detect other smart bands nearby.  The vendor mentions that high-fiving another individual wearing the Nabu X will allow you to automatically exchange contact information, although how the exchange would take place is still not clear. Ability to detect Steam gamers wearing the smartband is also said to be coming to the Nabu X by the time it hits store shelves.