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CES 2015: Samsung Launches An External Drive With Built-in SSD

Samsung (KRX:005935) is one of the foremost SSD vendors, with its Evo series often considered to be one of the best consumer-grade drives available today. The brand is now entering the external storage segment with the launch of the Portable SSD T1, an external drive that houses an Evo 850 SSD.

The drive comes with Samsung’s 3D V-NAND solution that can undertake writes at 450 Mbit/sec. One of the main features is the size, with the T1 only slightly larger than a USB drive. Samsung is also bundling AES-256 encryption support for business users, and is ensuring that the drive is platform agnostic by formatting it with the exFAT file system, which means that it will work on both Windows and Mac systems.

Samsung is making the T1 available in three storage variants. The 250GB edition will set users back $180, with the 500GB version retailing for $300. The 1TB variant costs $600. With cloud services readily available, it may not make sense to invest that kind of money in an external storage drive, but if you are a professional user that constantly has to move large files around, Samsung’s T1 may be a better alternative when compared to external enclosures that come with mechanical hard disks.

The T1 will be available in the US from later this month, followed by 15 countries around the globe.