2015, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Event

CES 2015: Intel Promises RealSense Will Improve Drone Vision

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has been long trying to find a way to employ its RealSense technology, and on stage during its keynote at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show it showed one possible application: autonomous drones.

As Intel CEO Brian Krzanich demonstrated on stage, using the RealSense technology and Intel Quark SoCs, the fleet of drones on stage were able to navigate around obstacles on stage. They fled away from stagehands wearing black shirts, and were also able to autonomously navigate through an obstacle course.


Of course these drones are far from being approved for sale on the market. Don’t expect Intel-powered drones to be on sale anytime soon, but the technology demo itself shows an interesting potential use case for Intel’s silicon in a fast-growing market.