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The Bright Side of VR World- Merger of BSN* & VR World

After almost six years, the time has come to turn the page. As of January 16 Bright Side of News* and VR World have merged. All of the content from BSN* has been preserved and will remain accessible on VR World.

Expect the same great reviews and hard-hitting news from BSN* on VR World. 

  • MrGiggleNutz

    Was confused when I came to the site today, the name changed and everything was Chinese earlier today 🙂

    • Alex Kreedman

      There were issues with the site merger. One of our plug in acted up and caused the site to display the first result it queues from the database. That happened to be our Chinese native language content we have. Everything should be back to normal now.

      While our name may have changed from Bright Side of News* (BSN*) to VR World; the people are the site and the site will continue to bring you the latest and greatest technology news. The major reason for the merge was due to back end logistics.