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Archlord 2 Recieves a Major Update

Archlord 2, a bloody and brutal MMORPG by Webzen developer and publisher of free-to-play games has recieved its latest content update.

The game is known for massive PVP battles amazing graphics and a fantastic soundtrack by award-winning composer Cris Velasco. After the Eternal Strife expansion from 2014 this major update for PvP focused Archlord 2 introduces new territories, dungeon, increases the level cap to 51 and adds many more features.


Two new areas introduced in this update: the Land of Corruption and the Sunny Garden will offer players an opportunity to experience more lore of Chantra.

The Land of Corruption is a wretched land destroyed by a bloody conflict between petty nobles that wanted to control it. While the nobles were fighting the Dark Priest Gallia saw a perfect moment to seize his day. Using corpses of the fallen combatants from both sides he raised a mighty undead army hellbent on snuffing out the living. The Azuni will have to defeat this unholy tyrant and free the people who are suffering under his machinations.

Sunny Garden was once a holy sanctuary, cherished by the Gods and a safehouse for many mystical relics. Thanks to Gallia’s evil schemes it is now a foul place corrupted by darkness. Infected by the dark influence the once loyal Dragon Guardian is now a mad beast that devours anyone daring to enter this place. It is up to the Crunn to cleanse this place and reclaim it from the forces of darkness.

This major update to the Archlord 2 also introduces a new dungeon, the Underground Garden of Light, lair of the previously mentioned Dragon Guardian. Killing the beast will be a hard task that requires cooperation between the Azuni and Crunn factions. Destruction of the mad Guardian will end the corruption that spreads through Chantra and of course also shower the players with powerful loot.


Along with the PvE stuff this update also introduces a new level 46 and above PvP Skirmish; the Red Tear Land. To achieve victory and claim the rewards on this new battlefield each team will have to race to be the first to destroy the opposing team’s Sentria.Thanks to the raising of the level cap to 51 both PvE and PvP equipment recieves a new tier.

To celebrate the launch of this new update the Archlord 2 team is organizing a special event. More information can be found on the game’s official website.