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Hot Tin Roof Release Date Revealed

Glass Bottom Games LLC has announced the release date of their game, Hot Tin Roof.

Based in Denver, this independent PC and mobile device video game developer focuses on creating worlds centered on the player, exploration and the choices that matter in the end. It was founded by industry veterans in 2011, with Lisa Foster on production, Megan Fox on tech, and Dennis Dryden on art. This team is known for games like Jones On Fire and GRAVITAZ. Along with the announcement they have also revealed a teaser trailer.

Following a highly succesful Kickstarter campaign that started back in 2013 and a Greenlight by Steam Hot Tin Roof is almost ready. After two years in the cooking the game will be released on February 20th, 2015 and will be available on Steam, Humble Store, Good ol’ Games and also directly from the developer themselves.

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A quirky noir game, Hot Tin Roof puts the player in the shoes of Emma Jones, a Private Investigator on a case that follows a string of grisly murders. Working with Franky, her feline partner, this fedora wearing, revolver packing two bit gal scoures for clues in a 3D side scrolling world. She has to run, jump and climb through a huge 3D city to unearth secrets hidden in the back alleys.

The game world of Hot Tin Roof is a living explorable city full of interesting characters to chat with and secrets. While Emma has a revolver and can shoot at mooks it is primary a tool as this is not a run and gun game but one that focuses on story and clue hunting.

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Her revolver is one of the key elements that needs to be used wisely to unlock hidden or far to reach areas. A wide range of revolver cartridges offer various abilities like grapple shot bubblers, torches, knockbacks, blood spatters and more. All of these tools will help to find more clues and secrets bringing Emma a step closer to solve this mystery and find the killer.