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Goetia On Track to be Fully Funded

The Kickstarter campaign for Goetia is halfway through and it already managed to raise almost $17,000 out of 30,000 dollars goal. Along with the already available game preview for Win and Mac developers have now prepared a Linux demo version.

Goetia is a new and fresh take on the classic point and click adventure genre. As you play a ghost you do not collect items so there is no inventory full of miscellaneous junk. Instead of picking up items you possess them to use them and skip the usually tedious task of finding the right key for the right door as you can just walk through them.

“Welcome to Blackwood Manor. This is where I lived and died 40 years ago. I am Abigail. I’m back. And I wish to know what the rest of the Blackwoods did with their mysticism and fanatical experimentations. Discover the manor with me…”


The story of Goetia places the player into a ghostly form of one Abigail Blackwood, a girl who has been dead for 40 years and is now back. In a haunted English mansion in the middle of the World War II Abigail must discover the mystery of how she came back from the dead and the role her perverted and mad lineage had in it. These people devoted their lives to weird occult practices and bizzare experiments. Events that took place over last 40 years are unknown as is the indentity or the intentions of those that brought her back to this plane of existence. Already dead and left with nothing to lose Abigail will be using her poltergeist abilities to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Goetia, an adventure that plans to bring a new quality to adventure games genre will have these features:

A mysterious 2D Victorian world with over 90 explorable rooms and five vast and diverse areas to discover. Blackwood Manor is neighbour to local ruins, woods, caves and a deserted village.

Progressive rock and ambient inspired soundtrack that immerses players deep into this spooky experience.


Ghostly abilities like walking through the walls to reach secret rooms and object possession to use them, combine them, make them float, pile them up and various uncomfortable poltergeist tricks.

Numerous puzzles that can be solved in more than one way by discovering hidden rooms and special features or using new ghostly powers.

Playable free demo for this unique adventure game available for Win, Mac and Linux can be downloaded from the official website. Those that wish to support the campaign can visit the Kickstarter page.