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Noctua NH-U9S And NH-D9L Review: The Best CPU Coolers For Small Enclosures


Noctua has successfully managed to achieve a similar amount of efficiency with the NH-U9S and the NH-D9L as their larger-sized brethren. With the NH-U9S, changes in design and addition of a heatpipe have allowed the cooler to work at the same level as the NH-U9B SE2 with a single fan.

What we have here with the NH-D9L is essentially a smaller NH-D15, which is great seeing as how the latter is considered to be one of the best CPU coolers available.

The fans are provided with inserts to prevent vibration when running full-tilt, and there are mounting holes and screws to attach another fan with ease. Also, the instructions included in the box for the installation are very straightforward, as is the mounting of the cooler itself thanks to the SecuFirm 2 mechanism. Noctua has been at the forefront of CPU coolers for nine years now, and with the 92mm series, the vendor has managed to bring the same performance offered by its larger coolers to a smaller form factor.

The NH-U9S is retailing for $59.90, with the NH-D9L coming in at $56.90. Both CPU coolers offer a tremendous set of features for the money, and if you’re looking for an efficient cooling solution for your next mini-ITX build, look no further.