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Strength of the Sword: Ultimate Gets a Kickstarter Launch

The two men indie studio Ivent Games has released a video and lots of info about their Strength of the Sword: Ultimate game. This enhanced version of the original Strength of the Sword 3  is undertaking a Kickstarter campaign to raise the needed funds. Unlike the original PS3 game this one is coming to PC.

Strength of the Sword: Ultimate will have many features that were requested by friends of guys from Ivent Games and fans of the original Strength of the Sword 3. As fans of old school beat’em ups and unforgiving games the team  decided to keep the hard but satisfying to master gameplay from the original game. To these guys beating the game must mean something and blind button mashing will not produce victory. Players will have to carefuly observe the enemy and enviroment to  make the plan of the attack instead of charging like a madman.


Since this is the new Ultimate edition the entire original game has recieved an overhaul. Upgrades have been made to all locations and enemies got buffed or upgraded with new nastyness.

There are many additional features that will be featured in Strength of the Sword: Ultimate.

In the original game players competed over leaderboard scores and their individual skill in passing the game. With the introduction of the PvP mode this carebear type of competition is over. Players will have to face each other to show “who’s the boss”.

Following the bloodthirsty, every man for himself PvP mode the game offers something for more social types. The second addition to Strength of the Sword , CO-OP will allow two players to team up and beat up the minions od darkness together.

The third multiplayer mode named Dark Mode is still a bit mystery with little information on exact mehanics. More will be revealed in the months before the game comes out but so far we know the concept. In the words of Ivent Games team it will be an asymmetrical PvP marathon where one player gets infused with the power of the Darkness and goes on a Wargolem-slaying spree.

Singleplayer game mode will get polished and upgraded. The team plans to create some new stand-alone levels that will focus on the lore behind the player character, the War Golem sent from the Almighty Mechanic in the sky. Ivent Games happily threatens the potential players with promises of new enemies that will make even the original veterans sweat.