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10 Days Left To Raise Kickstarter Funds For Starr Mazer

The Kickstarter campaign for Starr Mazer, a retro-sexy Point and Click Adventure Shoot’em Up by Imagos Softworks has so far collected nearly $100,000. Ten days remain to reach the goal of at least $160,000 needed to start the production of this project.

Starr Mazer is a hybrid between two classic game genres, the Point and Click Adventure and Shoot’ Em up. This is mixed together into a sci fi epic with modern design sensibilities, open world gameplay and RPG elements.



Art for the game is inspired by 16-bit processor games and pays homage to that era while the original concepts and designs come from Jérémie Périn, a writer, animator, and director for TV animated series, video games, and short films and brought to life by Christina Antoinette Neophotistou a rising star of the pixel art world.

Along with the retro art people game will feature a score composed by a chiptune legend Alex Mauer and a team of influental music artists like Arcade High, Bright Primate, C-Jeff, Cheap Dinosaurs, Ctrix, Danimal Cannon, Fighter X and many more.

In the world of Starr Mazer one hundred and thirty years have passed since THE GREAT WAR leaving the galaxy one hell of a mean place. Unity is no more as the core systems have divided into aristocratic solar states while the badlands are run by pirates, prospectors, colonists and cowboys.

The Holloway-Exeter Station is one of the little societies scattered among the space trash, minding their business and hoping they don’t become the next target of some band of marauders.

An invading force emerges from the darkness of the Baratha Divide. Bred for combat and coming from a history of violence the G’ell are coming. These calculating and meticulous  survivors that hold a million year grudge against the rest of the galaxy are the greatest threat this universe has seen.


At the time when the galaxy needs a hero a band of ingot miners uncovers a lone drifting Lokatt MkII DSP eject pod. In it is the last and only hope, Brick M. Stonewood, the man’s man, a lone survivor from a different time and the pilot of the Lokatt MkII DSP Special Assault Frame “Starr Wolf “. This is his story.

Starr Mazer will only be funded if at least $160,000 is pledged by Sat, Feb 21 2015 7:00 PM CET and those willing to back the game can do so on Kickstarter.