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Audio Only RPG Three Monkeys Announced

Incus Games has released a video that shows its latest project, an audio only RPG Three Monkeys.

The interesting twist in this RPG is that the story focuses on a blind hero Tobar and his adventure in a dark, cursed and sunless world. With this fantasy RPG, Incus Games plans to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with audio in games.

Nowadays most of the audio games use the same old tricks. As the player is deprived of his primary sense, vision they rely on horror and scare tactics. Opposite to this Three Monkeys instead wants to empower the player with pro-active mechanics.

Three monkeys video game

The story of Three Monkeys takes place in the world of Byzantia. A terrible curse ripped the sun from the sky and plunged the world into darkness. Population of Byzantia is forced to stay in their villages and hide behind the protection of their Holi lanterns as outside is the world of Abyss. If someone wanders off into the darkness it quickly consumes him, eating away both his sanity and humanity, leaving behind a vicious Crazy.

Being born blind, Tobar of Starhill village is immune to the corrupting influence of the darkness. With heightened senses and incredible attunement with his surroundings he is the perfect hero to journey into the world and break the foul curse. This blind hero, who is both a skilled swordsman and master archer will be accompanied by a foul mouthed sprite Yoska that serves as a guide to the outside world. Together they will rescue the world of Byzantia from the Abyss.

Binaural Audio techniques allow Three Monkeys to immerse the player in a highly reactive 3D world. To get most out of the game one will have to have a  pair of headphones. These mehanics combine timing based responses and human reactions. There will be many different choices of how to respond to a certain situation like for example when the player hears a weapon swinging towards him.


Three Monkeys, an audio adventure fantasy RPG for PC is fully playable without any visual input and plays the same whether the player is visually impaired or not. Hunting, fighting and puzzle solving is all experienced by the use of ears.

Built with Unity this game has high focus on zonal, open world enviroments and exploration. Each zone from villages, forests, mines, caves or abandoned cities will have its acoustics that are utilised for player’s orientation and immersion.

Three Monkeys Part 1: Into the Abyss has launched on Kickstarter with the goal of collecting £28,000 needed to fund it.