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Here’s How a WiFi Signal Looks Inside Your Home in 3D

Sometimes WiFi signal strength can be a mystery. Move a little too far away from the router and the signal drops off. Move back slightly and the signal regains nearly its full strength.

Hackaday user CNLohr recently posted a project that outlines a method he’s developed to measure WiFi strength throughout a space. In the Hackaday posts he explains that the WiFi module used effectively acts as a RADAR, mapping out the variability of the signal and allowing a visualization to be created.

How the project exactly works is explained better in this video:

For users struggling to map out WiFi darkzones in a confined space this is a godsend. It creates a visual representation of exactly where the signals are travelling, and where they have trouble penetrating. Sometimes the materials used in the construction of a house such as steel or concrete can absorb the radio waves from the WiFi signal, killing signal strength. This tool will help users determine where those spots are, and where to place signal boosters to work around them.

For more information on the project, visit Hackaday.