Dreamslide Plus Comes Flying To iOS

Dreamslide Plus, the Brazilian one man studio Gaffa Games’ dream project, has launched on iOS.

This fusion of physics-based gameplay and line drawing challenges the player to keep Little John in the air through 40 random levels by drawing lines and catching stars.


Little John’s flying adventure, Dreamslide Plus is a tribute to the old fast-pace Sega games like NIGHTS into Dreams and Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike the usual speedsters this fella prefers flying to running and jumping, Little John can never be fast enough so to increase his velocity he needs to collect speed boosting stars. Going faster puts him in greater danger so player must have great skill in drawing lines and special item collection to both keep him in the air and pumped up on stars. If Little John loses speed he will wake up and the dream is over.

The founder of Gaffa Games, Guilherme Alves and a lifelong fan of video games who created several game projects found the inspiration for Dreamslide Plus in dreams of flight. Most people probably had them at some points in their life.



These positive dreams give the feeling of absolute freedom, empowerment  and the ultimate joy of soaring to new heights. Of course as it happens in dreams, sometimes a person loses speed, runs into obstacles, loses altitude or comes to the realization that his flight is actually a fall. When this happens people try to regain control or wake up.

Combination of flying through the dream landscape yet necessity to control the situation by drawing in the flight path and collecting stars attempts to bring us that dream flight experience. In Guilherme Alves’ own words the game is far from easy, but it’s also a rewarding experience once the player starts to go realy, really fast.

Dreamslide Plus is available on iOS, free of charge and is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.