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AMD Hiring Graphics Driver Developers for CPU Optimization

According to a post on Linkedin, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) is hiring CPU engineers to work on optimizing the CPU side of its Catalyst driver packages.

AMD is seeking someone to work on multi-threader optimizations to write code to cut through CPU bottleneck and work with software vendors to optimize drivers for their titles.

Compared to the competition, AMD’s drivers are considered to be somewhat bloated and CPU intensive. AMD’s Mantle API, which offers the ability for developers to code close-to-metal is a partial solution to cut through the driver bloat but not everyone wants to implement it.

Most likely these engineers would be working on developing the drivers for AMD’s upcoming Radeon R300 series, which has been the subject of numerous rumors both founded and unfounded. Perhaps this card will leapfrog past Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) in the driver game.