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Valve Won’t Be Holding GDC 2015 Press Conference After All

Valve has confirmed that it won’t be holding a big press conference at GDC 2015 today, contrary to rampant internet rumors of a Half-Life 3 reveal on 3/3 at 3pm.

The news comes straight from Kotaku, who spoke to Valve marketing director Doug Lombardi to confirm the whole thing is a “big mix up”. Valve apparently has no plans to hold any kind of huge press conference today at GDC.

It turns out the confused 3pm “event” is actually a game physics presentation from Valve programmer Sergiy Migdalskiy that aims at teaching “fundamental elements and practical considerations for using collision detection and physics simulations in games”

How did this happen?

HTC Vive

HTC and Valve have teamed up to make the Vive VR headset a reality, leading to speculation that Half-Life 3 could be a perfect launch title.


On the heels of HTC (TPE: 2498) ‘s big announcement in partnering with Valve to make their VR headset “Vive” a reality, gamers started speculating that Half-Life 3 would be a perfect game to release on the new peripheral. It could be a match made in heaven, and it would certainly shake up the games industry.

Then a particular BBC News article came up that seemingly cemented the news. The article had a quote from HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang saying that “We are co-operating with Half-life, and I think… I hope, you know, it will be on it.

This little bit of interview text had gamers speculating rapidly across forums and social media, fueled to an inferno thanks to this little tidbit in the BBC article:

Valve is expected to provide more details about the launch at its own presentation at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on Tuesday.”

In reality, Wang’s words have been misconstrued; she “hopes” that Half-Life will be on the Vive VR headset–but we all know how far rumors have been known to reach. Plus the BBC article in question has been updated with the following text that pretty much nixes hope.

But the BBC understands that Valve’s own employees were surprised by Ms Wang’s comments as they were not working on a Half-life game for the new helmet at the moment,” an update on the article reads.

The part about a press conference on March 3 at 3pm was mostly fabricated by Reddit posts, which then spread across to Twitter and pretty much had the entire gaming world expecting to see a Half-Life 3 reveal in the afternoon.

Chances are that if Valve’s own marketing director says that it’s a “big mix up”, then it most assuredly is.

This is just another one of those failed Half-Life 3 rumors that drove the internet into a frenzy, and we’ll likely see more rumors spawn until Valve issues some sort of concrete news.

Source: Kotaku

  • UpTide

    I wonder if Valve has even started HL3..

    • UpTideuselessfaggot

      do a research first,even the voice actor confirmed it and theres a bug tracker for HL3 and probably has playable stages, its a registered name in europe also.

      • mbobcik

        voice actor of Gordon Freeman ? 😀

        • John Smith

          I heard that they (Valve) interviewed over two dozen French mimes for the role before they found the perfect one….he was uncredited due to refusing to tell them his name…

      • Adohleas

        May I ask where you got that info? Type Half Life 3 voice actor and you get a flood of similar titles as this: Valve voice actor says Half-Life 3 not in development.

      • UpTideuselessfaggotIsFaggot

        Wow you are such an interesting now, thank you for your info. You’ve totally burned him. Such knowledge, wow.

    • Jacob Evans

      HL what?

    • des111168

      I don’t think Valve really cares about the HL franchise right now. If they’re working on it, they’re doing it via slow-boat. Clearly their most important focus right now is the Steam Machine and the physics engine. If anything, Newell sounds bored whenever Half Life is brought up in interviews. There’s a distinct tone of “Ok, that’s the past, we’ve got more interesting things going on” when he addresses the subject of HL.

      • Patrick Lyle

        I wish you were wrong.

    • Cymen

      They are just finishing Source 2, so unless they made the game alongside the engine it is built on…

      • Lawd Dragonite

        I kinda think so, the engine is complete or is it not?

        • Cymen

          Honestly I think it’s almost there. I have been working on that for years and officially announcing it should mean that they are not only close but about to release it. And they are still against developer and I’m sure they’ve been working on something. Personally I think it’s more likely it’s the new left 4 dead, simply because they are pretty easy to make, at least in concept…to make a proper left for dead sequel you only need to iterate on the formula. Sure there a new survivors to write new infected to make up and of course new levels to design but the core concept is clear. Half Life on the other hand is a really big deal and considering the jump between the first and the second there’s no telling where they could go with the third.
          The optimist in me would say that they will announce a game this year. They want to roll all of this out within 2015 and why would they ship an engine without a game to show it off? Surely they have a killer app somewhere….

  • pumab
  • Bezki


  • Djhg2000

    Whatever happened to doing some research? Valve will hold a press conference on the 5th 10-11 am http://schedule.gdconf.com/session/glnext-the-future-of-high-performance-graphics-presented-by-valve

    • Finaldeath

      Whatever happened to reading the article before making yourself look like a dumbass?

      • Djhg2000

        You mean the article that indicates that there wouldn’t be any press conference from Valve at GDC 2015 at all?

        • Finaldeath

          It says…
          “It turns out the confused 3pm “event” is actually a game physics presentation from Valve programmer Sergiy Migdalskiy that aims at teaching “fundamental elements and practical considerations for using collision detection and physics simulations in games””

          A presentation is not the same as a press conference. A press conference shows off stuff to the press. The presentation is not for the press, it is for other developers. The presentation is basically to teach other developers what they know about physics calculations for games and means nothing to “normal” people.

          • Djhg2000

            Your first paragraph is entirely correct, however you completely missed the point of my original comment, which was that they would still be holding a newsworthy press conference (it’s called the Game Developer Conference after all) about Vulkan later in the week despite not having one on the 3rd.

  • Anusnymous

    allright. heres legit proof hl3 will come.
    1: gaben likes money
    2: hl3 has more hype than any other game (approx)
    3: it will generate so much money, that gabe will feel satisfied.
    4: does it profit? yes.
    5: what does that mean? gabe will make the game, because it generates money. its like five nights at freddy. only making the sequels because of the money.

  • franco

    “big mix up” = 3 words = hl3 confirmed

  • Zethnar

    This happened because gaming journalism is a joke. If anyone had looked into it at all they would have known that it was a talk about physics being done by someone from Valve, not a big Valve GDC press conference to announce anything. The original screenshot of the schedule literally said it was only a presentation on physics, the only way you could possibly misinterpret it is if you didn’t bother to do any research at all and instead just believed internet forum hearsay.