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Battlefield Hardline Might Be The Best in the Franchise

After Battlefield 4 took a lot of my time during the past two years, the upcoming Battlefield Hardline will certainly bring a bevvy of new players to this game.

Set in an urban enviroment, Hardline brings us the classic cops versus robbers mentality into one single game. The graphics are awesome, portraying urban combat rather well, but the main aspect, which I think this game will excel rather nicely, is the fast pace of the game itself.

For Battlefield Hardline, there are four digital expansions scheduled for release between Summer 2015 and early 2016, bringing plenty of premium content to table with them. These include: Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity, Battlefield Hardline: Robbery, Battlefield Hardline: Getaway and Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal. The four expansion packs, all different in nature, will bring new maps, mods and vehicles, alongside new weapons and gameplay as well.

Battlefield Hardline will be released for PC, XBox and PS4 when it becomes available, allowing owners of all three platforms to equally enjoy themselves. There is however a discrepancy that some are calling rather important by now. The issue is in the resolution, preferably when comparing two consoles with the PC version of the game. The PCversion will offer true 1080p gamepla while the consoles bring a slighter lower resolution.

According to information released by Visceral Games (the game’s developers),  Hardline needs a 60FPS framerate to keep things interesting, warranting a 900p/720p resolution for PS4 and Xbox One respectively. This will come as a bit of an issue for some players when deciding on this game really, but in reality, the issue will be hardly apparent for most of players overall.