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CrossFire Gets Update on Sixth Anniversary

As the six year anniversary of the North American CrossFire version arrives, Smilegate West has decided to mark it with the release of a massive update.

Developed for the PC platform by Smilegate Entertainment, a leading publisher of online and mobile games, CrossFire is a free to play Couter-Strike style first person shooter with the largest global user base in the world. This game offers  fast paced action pack experience and regulary recieves updates, additional maps and models.

This large 2015 Anniversary Update celebrates the game’s progress and great reception it has recieved since its launch back in 2009. New items, game mode and events will be available through the month.


Some of the new weapons included are the AK47- St.Patrick’s Day and the Barrett M82A1-Imperial Dragon. These are color customized and unique takes on the player favourite weapons. The update also marks the return of the fan favourite patriotic M4A1 – Liberty as a potential reward. In the second half of the month there will be a Happy Birthday CrossFire even that will award multiple 1d versions of this classic weapon to players both new and old.

From March 19th until March 23rd there players that log in will recieve numerous daily award free items. Among these one can find 1d M4A1 – Liberty, six-year-anniversary sprays, name cards, weapons and even a birthday party hat for their character. Later on March 26th there will be a Weapon Master Event, a challenge to get kills using a predetermined weapon every day of the week. Rewards for completing the event will be seven-day items and creates that contain permanent weapons.


The final addition to the Anniversary Update is the Mutant Knight Mode. This team based mode will put the players into roles of mutants or soldiers, each growing in power and earning new abilities as the match goes on. Tuesday Knights event will take place every Tuesday from March 17th ti April 7th awarding Bonus Exp, tons of in game cash and chance to earn a special weapons crate reward.

Players interested in the game and the full patch notes can visit the CrossFire website and check the stuff out. Registering the account and downloading the game is completely free. Additional info can be found on game’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.