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Nvidia Officially Launches The GeForce GTX Titan X

After serving up a few details regarding the card at the Game Developers Conference earlier this month, Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) has officially launched its latest offering in the Titan series, the Titan X. The card will be priced at $999 and will be available in the month of May.

The specs on offer with the Titan X match what the last round of leaks predicted, with the card featuring a 28nm GM200 GPU that offers 3072 CUDA cores, 192 TMUs, 96 ROPs, 3MB of L2 cache along with 12GB of GDDR5 memory with a 384-bit memory interface. Base clock for the card is at 1002MHz, with a boost clock of 1078MHz.

Nvidia has stated that there is more than sufficient headroom available for overclocking the Titan X, and the card will reach frequencies of 1200MH without any hassles. The GM200 silicon is basically an enhanced version of the GM204 GPU that was introduced with the GTX 980. We see a 50% increase in bandwidth, CUDA cores and ROP count, with the end result being a card that features a maximum TDP of 250W.

The cooler itself is similar to what we’ve seen in earlier-generation Titan cards, although this time around the metal shroud has a black coat of paint. Nvidia is once again touting that the Titan X is the fastest single-GPU solution available in the world today, with the card billed more as a luxury gaming video card than an entry-level compute card, like the Kepler-based GTX Titan and GTX Titan Black. For that reason, its pricing at $999 may turn out to be the only sore point given that cards like the GTX 980 in SLI can outperform the Titan X.