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Video: Star Wars Imperial March With Floppy and Arduino

All six Star Wars movies were released this weekend on iTunes in full 1080p HD. To keep yourself in the Star Wars mood, check out this cool DIY fan-made project involving the Imperial March and some old-school floppy drives.

As you can see in the video below, The much famed Imperial March has been performed using a few floppy drives and an Arduino processor to control the whole thing.

The Arduino is an SoC powered by open-source software used by makers in everything from quadcopters to toasters that run Linux. These boards can be purchased pre-assembled or with DIY kits. A large and vibrant community of makers has been built around the Arduino processor, creating dozens of innovative and creative projects that utilize the processor’s capabilities.

Take a look below at this masterpiece of simple engineering, hardware and software, all working together to recreate one of the most known movie themes of all time. The newest chapters in the Star Wars series comes later this year where it will feature some interesting new characters, new worlds and the all too familiar Star Wars themes of old as well. Enjoy!

Star Wars Imperial March played on floppy drives