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New Mad Max Game Footage Welcomes You To The Thunderdome

Broken, craggy desert hardpan. Roaring engines. Merciless post-apocalyptic chaos. Bizarre and ruthless marauders. Bloodthirsty revenge. All of these things spell out the Mad Max universe, and all of them are included in Avalance Studio’s new game based on the iconic series.

The Mad Max video game looks to be one of the most authentic representations of any fictional world. With its sprawling vistas the game shows off the beauty in a broken world while also depicting the carnage of a society that cannibalizes itself in an effort to survive.

Mad Max Sandstorm

Max treads a treacherous sandstorm in the wastes–one of the many dynamic weather effects the game offers.

Everything about the game matches the Max’s brutal story of woe and death, and gives us the keys to that dust-ridden wasteland for the first time ever. We’re free to explore, interact and wreak havoc across the wastes, setting off a new kind of fantasy adventure that’s set in sand, diesel fuel and blood rather than swords and sorcery.

Now with the first Mad Max gameplay trailer, Avalanche Studios has completely blown the lid off of their game by revealing a huge helping of info. The footage shows off a game that very much resembles the rigors of games like Fallout–except there’s a ton of high-horsepower muscle cars sporting spikes and cruel twisted steel, and not very much ammo.

Below we have a quick breakdown of some of the new things the new trailer taught us about the Mad Max game:

  • Build and customize your car aka your “magnum opus” with parts, weapons, and upgrades fashioned by resources found in the wastes.
  • Cars have different stats including attack, defense, weaponry, top speed, acceleration and handling.
  • Players can equip different pieces of armor and gear, all of which have passive bonuses.
  • Max can upgrade his skills via an RPG-like ability progression system replete with passives and unlockables abilities.
  • Scour the wasteland for resources and scrap to upgrade and create new weapons, armor and car improvements. You can also sell items and resources to NPC’s.
  • Since ammo is very scarce, combat revolves from hand-to-hand and melee attacks with a variety of weapons include knives, halberds and other customizable weapons.
  • Max will often have to take on whole groups of enemies at a time rather than one-on-one combat.
  • The wasteland features dynamic real-time weather systems–sandstorms, lightning storms, etc.
  • You can drive in both third-person and first-person views.
  • Form alliances with forces to receive aid in the wasteland. The more you help certain factions the more fortified their strongholds and towns become.
  • Accept and complete various quests and side-quests with random NPC’s throughout the wasteland.
  • The Thunderdome is in the game.
  • Random encounters with squads of enemies are possible, leading to high-speed chases or explosive climactic battles.

Mad Max is slated to release on September 1, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more information be sure to check out the game’s official website.