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Tesla Introduces The All-Wheel Drive Tesla Model S 70D Model

After Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) revamped its entry-level model, adding the Tesla Model S 60D, the all-new Tesla Model S 70D all-wheel drive was revealed earlier this week, showcasing the new high-powered electric-vehicle model from the American car maker.

Tesla Model S 70D is an all-wheel drive electric car with a 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds and a 250 mile range at 65 mph. It allows sports like dynamics, but it also provides an interesting range, together with the design and luxury interior items, all seen on previous Tesla Model S vehicles. The 250 mile range roughly translates into 400 kilometers range, giving plenty of range for most owners.

The Tesla Model S 70D starts at $75,000, giving the owners a choice in that price range that consists of eg. Audi A8, BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz S Class models. On the other hand, the Model S 70D offers a broad and compelling set of features. Moreover, when one factors in the cost advantages over an internal combustion engine vehicle, including fuel savings and incentives, the actual cost of owning Model S 70D comes to about $55k over five years (the average length of new car ownership).

In addition to having independently operational front and rear motors, the 70D includes Supercharging to enable free long-distance travel, Autopilot hardware, navigation, blind spot detection and many other features. As with every Model S, the 70D will receive free over-the-air updates that add functionality and improve the driving experience for years to come.

For would-be owners, you can order any Model S in three new colors: Ocean Blue, Obsidian Black, and Warm Silver. With the performance levels touching base with world’s most prominent sports cars, nice range and great design, many owners will definitely consider Tesla Model S to be their new business and family sedan overall, giving the electric car industry something to dwell upon, as this is probably the best solution in that market area for now.