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Intel Starts Rolling Out Broadwell Desktop SKUs

With Skylake launching later this year, Intel is taking a low-key approach to Broadwell for desktop, with the cores now rolling out to vendors. A listing by boutique gaming vendor CyberPowerPC for its Gamer Xtreme GXi320OS desktop PC on Overstock highlights a fifth-generation i7-5775C CPU clocked at 3.3GHz and boost clock of 3.7GHz.

It is likely we’ll see other vendors announcing a Broadwell refresh of their offerings in the coming weeks. While there isn’t any official confirmation from Intel on the launch of Broadwell, the latest batch of rumors revealed that the i7-5775C will be the flagship offering, with Intel switching to a “C’ naming convention for denoting unlocked processors.

Along with the i7-5775C, Intel is said to be readying the i7-5675C, which loses out on the hyperthreading functionality. The i7-5675C will offer a base clock of 3.1GHz and a boost clock of 3.6GHz, with both CPUs coming with Iris Pro 6200 integrated graphics and a maximumTDP of 65W. The costlier i7-5775C has 6MB L3 cache, while the i7-5675C has 4MB L3 cache. As for an official announcement, it looks like Intel will launch these new CPUs at Computex next month.

Skylake will be the more interesting offering from Intel this year, with the chip vendor said to be mulling over 10 SKUs for launch that will be targeted at different price points and use cases.