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Intel Announces Powerful Xeon E7 v3 Chips

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) can always rely on its data center division to post healthy revenues and margins, as the last few quarters have proven. At the core of Intel’s server strategy is big powerful processors, in contrast to AMD’s (NASDAQ: AMD) failed microserver strategy. Continuing that tradition, Intel announced today the Xeon E7 v3 server chips based on the Haswell microarchitecture.

The Xeon E7 v3 lineup has up to 18 dual-threaded cores and a 45 MB L3 cache. These chips are designed for intensive tasks such as enterprise resource planning, machine learning, and crunching through big data sets. These chips support DDR4 and are able to address up to 1.5 TB per socket, for a maximum of 12TB. Alll-in-all this means that the Xeon E7 v3 will be about 40% faster than its predecessor.

“In the digital services economy, success or failure can depend on how quickly businesses act on insight from vast stores of data,” said Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of the Data Center Group at Intel in a statement. “The Intel Xeon processor E7 v3 family is the engine for accelerating business intelligence through real-time analytics, enabling businesses to improve customer satisfaction through more personalized products and services, generate new revenue streams and enhance operational efficiency.”

The price list below shows the price points for each chip in the series. As you can see they start at  $1,223 for the 8-core, 2.00GHz Xeon E7 4809 v3 and up to $7,174 for the 18-core, 2.50GHz Xeon E7-8890 v3.