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AMD Fiji to Take on GeForce Titan in High-End Branded Card

AMD’s (NASDAQ: AMD) upcoming Fiji GPU might not end up in the Radeon 390x, but rather a separate card with branding that would align it as a competitor against the GeForce Titan according to media reports.

Both Sweclockers and Fudzilla seem to be in alignment that AMD will be launching a niche high-end card that uses the Fiji GPU and sports 8GB of high-bandwidth memory (HBM). This will not be AMD’s flagship card, what will still be the Radeon 390X (a candidate for a possible re-brand), but rather a card that will compete with the high-end GeForce Titan. Reportedly, this card will cost $849. It’s not yet known if there will be a few variants of the card at different price points or if AMD will release just one.

The Fiji  GPU is said to be based on the refreshed GCN 1.3 architecture and has 4096 stream processors (64 compute units), 256 texture units. Thanks to HBM its memory has tons of bandwidth, coming in at 640GB/s.

So this leaves many uncertainties of what AMD will be showing off at Computex. All of the prior rumors point to whatever is shown of at Computex being a card that showcases the Fiji GPU, so this might not be the 390X. It could be the high-end Titan competitor. Or, that rumor itself could have been totally wrong and AMD has something else entirely planned for Taipei.