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Computex 2015: SanDisk Launches Dime-Sized 128GB Flash Drive

SanDisk (NASDAQ:SNDK) unveiled at Computex 2015 a flash drive so small you probably can’t help but lose it.

The SanDisk Ultrafit line, the size of a thumbnail not a thumb, debuted some time ago but at Computex 2015 SanDisk expanded the Ultrafit lineup to 128GB. Sandisk’s drive is only three-quarters of an inch in length, 0.63 inch in width and 0.35 inch in height. It supports USB 3.0 for ultra-fast transfers of up to 130 MB/s.

“The quality of content consumers create and consume continues to increase, generating higher demand for more sophisticated digital storage,” said Philippe Willams, director of product marketing, SanDisk in a statement. “With remarkable USB 3.0 speed and compact designs, our new high-capacity USBs let users enjoy even more of their favorite content without having to even think about running out of space. SanDisk is constantly engaging in new ways to leverage our flash memory expertise and deliver innovative, reliable solutions that really make a difference in consumers’ daily lives.”

The only downside is the drive is relatively expensive for USB 3.0 thumbdrives. The MSRP comes in at $119.99 and is available to buy now.