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Bethesda Clears Up Fallout 4 Release Date Speculation

While a Fallout 4 release date hasn’t been formally announced, speculation on a possible 2015 launch has gained traction since the game was unveiled yesterday.

The source of the reports is Bethesda’s very own storefront, which listed Fallout 4 for a “TBA 2015” release. Other retailers like GameStop and Amazon list Dec. 31, 2015 placeholder dates that seemed to add credence to a possible 2015 release.

Given that Bethesda had already goofed up by launching Fallout 4‘s website ahead of its reveal, leading to a huge leak across the net, everyone thought that the publisher had just made another mistake.

Once the news broke, however, Bethesda quickly changed Fallout 4‘s listing from “TBA 2015” to “TBA”. The publisher also issued an official response to help clarify the release date misunderstanding.

“The official store is run independently by Treehouse (an unaffiliated company that helps manage digital storefronts). We have not shared any news on a release date,” a Bethesda representative told Gamingbolt.

Fallout 4 Slum

The statement pretty much dances around the subject, really just explaining that they weren’t responsible for the listing. But they didn’t confirm or deny that Fallout 4 will release this year, and it’s likely they wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag ahead of their big pre-E3 presser.

Bethesda will likely reveal Fallout 4‘s release date during their pre-E3 showcase at June 14th at 6PM PST.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the game’s official reveal trailer below, or drop by our massive gallery of screenshots to soak up all the radiating Boston sunshine.

  • Curtis Corse

    If they’re not planning on releasing Fallout 4 in 2015, how can they justify taking pre-orders now? Are they really going to string early buyers along for more than half a year?

    • Theo Valich

      Why do Hollywood movies push trailers a year ahead of their release and enable Fandango to take preorders months and months ahead? It’s called business, sadly.

  • Theo Valich

    I am going to build a new PC or two for this game. Now, I only hope that they won’t announce Elder Scrolls VI, otherwise I might push for a new initiative, giving a day 36 or even 48 hours. 😛

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