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YouTube Says: 8K is Future, Launches Video Format Support

In the entertainment industry, general consensus around “4K” is that the file format is what 720p and 1080i were before Full HD appeared. For the industry, adoption of 8K video format will be the key towards ‘glassless 3D’ concept, as demonstrated by Toshiba, Sharp and Panasonic on CES.

While last weeks’ Computex Taipei and next week’s E3 in Los Angeles will be dominated by 1080p (Full HD) and 4K (Ultra HD), we had the privilege of working with display manufacturers on next generation of displays. 8K is poised to become your reality, to be followed by 10K, 12K and even 16K.

Your windows to digital world are poised to grow in size and it won’t stop until we achieve ultimate fidelity, and resistance is as futile as some companies are attacking competitors for their 8-core mobile processors, all at the time when the analysts and media are already getting briefed on 12- and 16-core parts. And, if you elect to follow Nvidia’s naming convention, they already ship 264-core mobile processors.

As it always was, and always will be, all the discussions about ‘not needed’, ‘market doesn’t need’, ‘consumers don’t understand’ becomes futile as soon as one incumbent steps forward. In case of 8K video, that incumbent is YouTube, world’s leading digital content provider.

This Google subsidiary silently added support for 8K resolution in its video upload, and enabled premium quality video compression for its content producers. The honor of the first 8K video on YouTube goes to Neumann Films and their “Ghost Towns” video, which eerily reminds us of Without People book (and eBook) from Mr. Oleg Mastruko. Otherwise known for their Filmmaking Tips and Tricks channel on YouTube, their “Ghost Towns” documentary shows Marika Neumann exploring an abandoned city.

In case you want to get more 8K content, we would recommend to download NEC’s technology demonstration showing a soccer / football match (download available on MEGA).