Video: Insanity Showcased In A Wingsuit And On A Mountain

So, you consider yourself a daredevil? A courageous individual, ready for anything? Think again. When Uli Emanuele used his wingsuit to rip through a mountain after hiking it, the basis for what’s considered bold just got dialed up a notch. He literally used his wingsuit (a sport psycho in more ways than one by itself) to fly through a whole in a mountain, ensuring his feat gets seen by several million people.

Utilizing a wingsuit to fly close or around mountainous terrain has been a sport since the late 1990s, allowing nutjobs (mean this in the utmost positive sense available) to do some rather daring air shows. The modern wingsuit uses a surface between the legs and under the fliers arms, to create additional lift and allow the user to fly and do some gorgeous movements. Wingsuits are sometimes referred to as “birdman suits” (after the makers of the first commercially available wingsuit), “flying squirrel suits” (due to their resemblance to the animal), and “bat suits” (due to their vague resemblance to the animal or perhaps the superhero).

Check out the video below to see Uli doing something that’s considered epic – even by wingsuit standards. In any case, this is one awesome ad for GoPro as well. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for even more daily updates.