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Johns Hopkins Will Use Apple Watch, ResearchKit For Upcoming Epilepsy Study

According to Apple Insider, the Johns Hopkins’ ResearchKit study will utilize the health capabilities of Apple Watch for their upcoming pilepsy study with emphasis on seizure prediction. This marks one of the coolest ways to use this gadget from the Cuppertino based tech company. Event though Apple Watch hasn’t seen stellar sales numbers, its use is fairly well-known and studies like this could prove to be a valuable tool in health applications like this. In a nutshell, the Johns Hopkins University entered in a partnership with developer Thread Research, where they will harness Apple Watch and iPhone sensors to power an ambitious ResearchKit study on epilepsy that could one day lead to an accurate method of predicting seizures.

Apple Watch

While sensor readings are automated, like many current iPhone-based ResearchKit initiatives, other metrics are not so easily ascertained. Activating the test process and measuring lucidity, for example, require some form of direct user interaction, a steep demand considering the extremely stressful nature of a seizure event. To help participants complete individual sessions they are given physical cues to answer contextual onscreen survey questions via Watch’s Taptic Engine. Alternatively, a caregiver might be able to initiate the testing process if present, the person said. – Apple Insider

Apple Watch Edition

ResearchKit came online in arch as an iOS-based tool that medical researches can use to expand their pool of candidates and provide them with more precisely measured results, as well as additional information from the test subjects. Actually one of the first uses for this came as a cardiovascular study conducted by Stanford University, where participants signed up was so impressive, that even the research crew was stunned! It’s one way of showing how well these gadgets can be used, all in order to treat, research and provide answers in combating various acute conditions and diseases as well.