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T-Mobile CEO Says iPhone 6S Pre-Orders Up 30% From Last Generation

According to T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the mobile company has seen an increase of pre-orders in United States for the Apple iPhone 6S. The increase is stated at around 30 percent, compared to those for the last generation iPhone that was released last year. The claim was made by Legere himself, when he announced a special trade-in plan for people who want an iPhone 6S and already own the previous-generation phones. This enables users to obtain the new iPhone 6S through a lease for just $5 per month or, if they own an iPhone 5S, do the same, and pay $10 per month.

Even though Apple ran out of launch-day delivery stocks, the exact numbers of the orders have been kept under wraps, according to AppleInsider. After the pre-order period started, several sources and the company itself stated that the quantities are “on pace” to beat the 10 million phones sold, since that number of pre-orders happened during the last time Apple had a launch weekend for their highly popular devices.

It is also to be expected, as the iPhone 6S doesn’t bring a lot of changes, but is still a highly covered smartphone. Adding to possible sales is the issues that direct competition in form of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which haven’t really provided much of an impact for the Cuppertino based device maker.