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Apple Slated To Expand iCloud Data centers

Even though their iCloud service has experienced growing pains, the need for additional space to provide safe storage for millions of their users is growing by the day. Everybody wishes to have their photos, videos and personal documents, all stored up safely and easily. Thanks to services such as iCloud from Apple, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Amazon etc. – they are (most of the times) completely available.

Currently, the tech giant from Cuppertino is doing a lot of new work to expand their iCloud data centers worldwide. They are rapidly building several new clusters of buildings for its data center near Reno, Nevada, but also, the company has recently bought nearly 200 acres of land in Prineville, Oregon. This land will serve the same use – provide parallel iCloud capacity enhancement. It shows us how much data security and/or redundancy is key right now, serving hundreds of millions users daily.

Apple’s iCloud data center in Nevada sits on 345 acres of land (about 1.4 sq. km) about 15 minutes east of the city of Reno. The location is easily accessed, it has a ton of room for any solar powerplant expansion and it may be the location of several more projects later on as well. Apple aims to create a completely 100% energy redundant site, thanks to the solar farms and eco-friendly data center usage. Grab a few moments to check the location down below.