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Tesla Model S Comes Equipped With Autopilot Capabilities

Starting today, Tesla Model S comes equipped with the Tesla Version 7 software. It brings Autopilot capabilities to every Model S out there. The latest upgrade to the car’s software allows the Model S to use its unique combination of cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensor and other technological gadgets to use on the highway, change lanes, and adjust speed in response to traffic. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, Model S scans for a parking space and parallel parks on your command. Quite a safety upgrade. For example, switching lanes is now done with a simple turn of the turn signals and the vehicle will take care of the lane change right away.

We’ve been seeing performance oriented upgrades for Tesla Model S models lately, but for this high tech car, the aspect of safety and ease of driving is a major key component as well.

What the future brings thanks to this car maker looks rather promising alltogether. The self driving abilities that are announced alongside with increased performance, make the electric car maker, one of the hottest innovators in the automotive field out there. For now, Tesla Model S is the most advanced and appealing fully electric vehicle model available. Other manufacturers are catching up. But Model S still remains the most coveted piece for any eco oriented owner.

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