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AMD reports $197 million loss for Q3 2015

AMD Fiji GPU with four HBM memory modules

AMD’s position alongside Intel in the CPU market and NVIDIA in the GPU market, is an ever declining show of bad timing in the computer world. The recently released financial results for Q3 2015 add more fuel to the doubt that is current AMD sales and revenue overall. Many have questioned the possibility of AMD getting back on track, and, while their newest hardware additions like the AMD R9 Fury are supreme products in their own right, it all may be just a bit too little, too late for them. On the other hand, we are not giving hope on the semi-conductor giant just yet, even though the prognosis, at least currently, is rather bleak for them.

“AMD delivered double-digit percentage sequential revenue growth in both of our segments in the third quarter,” said Dr. Lisa Su, AMD president and CEO. “We continue to take targeted actions to improve long-term financial performance, build great products and simplify our business model.  The formation of a joint venture of our back-end manufacturing assets is a significant step towards achieving these goals and strengthening our balance sheet.”
AMD reported a third quarter loss of $197 million which is quite below of the most pessimistic projections made yet. They are also up there with the $181 million it lost the quarter prior. Not to great for the company in any way you want to interpret it. It is also worth noting that AMD is spinning off their assembly and test facilities to raise some much-needed cash. How well will that work out remains to be seen, as these seem like a last-ditch effort to raise some funding and much needed cash. Complete financial report is available on AMD website. For anyone into finances and investing, this might be a good read to have, judging by the impact these will have on stock prices and overall net-worth of the company in the forthcoming days