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Videos: Playstation GT Sport Trailer

The multi award winning Gran Turismo series is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in a brand new game. Called Gran Turismo Sport, it brings a taste of history and racing neverbefore seen in gaming. Admirable graphics, but more importantly the impressive game engine who’s physics resemble those of real life racing events will certainly make this game a coveted piece of any gamer’s collection.

Building on its legacy as the most realistic and accessible driving simulator, GT Sport has partnered with the FIA to push the boundaries of racing games. In addition to everything you’d expect from a GT, the team at Polyphony and the FIA are introducing an online racing series that will be recognised alongside real world motor racing by the FIA.

The game is Entering BETA in 2016 GT Sport is being developed by the award winning team at Polyphony Digital. For a glimpse into the game, take a look at the trailer right below.

  • AAPL.To.Break.$130.Soon>:-)

    Too bad they’re leaving PS3 owners behind. I guess I’ll be stuck with playing GT6 seasonals for the next couple of years. I have no intention of upgrading to a PS4 anytime soon. I sure hope they have new car packs for GT6. There’s still plenty of Vision GT cars that can be created for GT6. Some of them are really nice to use in seasonal races.