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Are Daily Fantasy Games (IL)Legal Gambling Sites?

HBO dedicated a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver show to the problem of online gambling.

In case you’ve missed it, HBO’s news show ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ ran a piece over Daily Fantasy games. The question are these games legal or not is something that both eSports and real sports and gambling industry will have to answer.

We invite you to spend a bit of Friday by watching this 19 minute clip which would be amusing, if there wasn’t for a fact that the two largest players, DraftKings and FanDuel, aren’t estimated to be worth over a billion dollars each. Of course, just as with Uber, Airbnb and other ‘industry disruptors’, both DraftKings and FanDuel attracted serious, eight- to nine-figure deals with the largest names in the professional football – both on club and TV network side of the fence(s).

This is not the first video John Oliver did over suspicious activities taking place in American NFL, and for those interested – you can watch his video on Stadiums and requested subsidies:

Enjoy your weekend, folks.