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Apple Gives Holiday Gifts For Their Employees

If you thought Apple is a big corporate entity that doesn’t give a crap about their employees, you might want to think again. The Cuppertino based tech giant is giving away a few items for their retail sales employees, making their holidays a bit more cheerful. Unlike other companies, Apple’s employees will be gifted with a few items from the company’s range. Apple currently employs 110,000 people with around 30,000 of them working in retail stores.

For the holiday season, Apple will be giving its retail employees a 9 month free subscription to Apple Music. This service is one of the more appealing streaming services offered today, giving millions of users ample selection in terms of music. The free 9 month Apple Music access is given in addition to the urBeats headphones the company earlier gave to its retail staff as a holiday gift. Not a bad way to start your holiday season, right?