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Netflix Joins Microsoft’s Universal Windows App Bandwagon

Microsoft reports that Netflix has jumped on the Universal App bandwagon with the launch of a new app for Windows 10. That means the app can be opened on a number of Windows 10 solutions spanning desktops, laptops and tablets. Netflix joins Pandora, The Wall Street Journal and a few others that recently launched apps based on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform.

Prior to today, Netflix launched several apps for Windows and Windows Phone that were built from a few code bases that are based on C#, XAML and Silverlight. In order to bring new features to these Netflix platforms, the company had to alter each code base individually. That naturally costs time and money, and requires Netflix to ship multiple app updates.

However, with the Universal Windows Platform, Netflix can build apps from a single code base that runs on a number of Windows 10 devices. Right now the universal Netflix app is only available on Windows 10 desktops, laptops and tablets, but support for Windows 10 phones will be provided in the near future.

“This new version of the application is a javascript based implementation that utilizes Microsoft’s WinJS library,” Netflix says. “Like several other teams at Netflix, we chose to use Facebook React. Using javascript to build the application has allowed us to use the same HTML5 video playback engine that is used in our browser based applications.”

The universal Netflix app includes a new user interface so that it’s easier for Windows 10 customers to find the content they want. The app also provides small, medium, wide and large tile sizes for pinning Netflix to the start menu. Even more, the new app features built-in Cortana commands so that users can find and navigate content by merely using their voice. Commands include “Cortana, launch Netflix” and “Netflix, find ‘House of Cards.’”

Microsoft states that the new Universal App will actually roll out to Windows Store this week. To see if the Netflix app will be supplied in your area, check here.