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Microsoft CMO Confirms Engineering Effort On Surface Phone

The title stands – if we use the term “confirms” rather loosely. No, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela didn’t exactly blatantly reveal that the tech giant is working on a Surface Phone. No! He did however, release some rather interesting info on the potentially upcoming new device. This would be a device that would tie in all the software, hardware and design aspects that come with the current Windows 10 and ensure a full saturation of the entire specter in the selected IT market area.

In a recent episode of Twit, Mary Jo Foley pushed Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela on the prospect of a Surface Phone and he confirmed the company is working on a “breakthrough” phone that is the “spiritual equivalent” of their very successful line of Surface branded products.

This means that the new phones by Microsoft will have parts of the Surface’s technology implemented and used in these devices. It could mean that Microsoft could be a device away from really grabbing a firm grip on the mobile market. Something they weren’t able to achieve throughout their meddling with mobile devices throughout their history overall. The release of a premium device – called Surface Phone or something similar – might as well put the Redmond giant into the front runners of the mobile and smartphone world. And do so rather quickly.

The best part of the equation is this: Microsoft doesn’t need to dominate the market. Or even be a major part of it. A measly 5-10% share of the mobile market world would mean a lot for the company – specially within the business owners range and overall market area. For once, the author of this article would be the first to jump towards the new platform. Something that ties in the desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile worlds. That’s something I could live and work with, no doubt about it. I am pretty certain a lot of other owners and users would do the same.