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Video: 5 Reasons Valve Should Make Half-Life 3

Half Life 2 is still holding its own in terms of play-ability and graphics. The game may be a bit dated, that is true, but it is still looking good in many different areas. On the other hand, we are all eagerly awaiting the sequel for the past few years – with nothing but rumors floating around for the past few years. Half Life 3 is on the top of gaming discussions for a few years now, yielding plenty of possible outcomes, ideas and different scenarios on its story, graphics and release date – above all other.

This fan made video showcases five reasons why Valve should make Half Life 3 and make it now! The company is highly involved in its Steam content delivery. Yes, that’s correct. But we view Half Life 3 as a money maker, a groundbreaking franchise development and one game that will quench thirst that many gamers have regarding this particular title overall. Check out the five reasons why Valve should make Half Life 3 right below.

  • Elizabeth Kruszewski

    For the longest time Valve had been telling players that ” Half-Life 3 is coming, Half-life 3 is coming, It’s just not ready yet!” or something similar to that. But I watched a video, last year, I think, where Gabe pretty much stated that Half-Life 3 wouldn’t happen unless someone else inside the company wanted to make it.
    Why would you drag your fans around like that? Give them some kind of hope that the sequel to one of the best FPS’ would eventually come, just to take it away from them 10 or more years later? That’s just not right. If you’re not going to make it, just say so from the start, or at least when you first decided it wasn’t happening, don’t drag it out like that.
    I really hope it happens eventually, I’d love to see a conclusion to the series, though these days, it might not be what we’ve expected, with all the hype that’s built up over the last 10 years.

    • Well truth be told, I am eagerly awaiting this game title now.