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NVIDIA Releases First WHQL-Certified Vulkan Driver

UPDATE March 8, 02:32AM GMT – We learned from NVIDIA that customers might experience issues when installing the drivers. Use ‘clean’ install option, rather than ‘Express’ one.

Just a few weeks ago, The Khronos Group released Vulkan API. When the API (Application Program Interface) launched, leading hardware vendors released their beta versions of drivers which support Vulkan API. NVIDIA is first out the door with the WHQL-certified driver.

We received word from Brian Burke (Senior PR Manager, NVIDIA) that new GeForce driver v364.47 passed Microsoft validation and is available for download. The driver brings the following features:

Game Ready – built in game profiles for ideal performance on all supported GeForce hardware:

  • Ashes of the Singularity
  • Hitman
  • Need for Speed
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division

Given the initial 3D benchmark results for DirectX 12 game ‘Ashes of  the Singularity’, where NVIDIA got beaten handsomely by AMD Radeon hardware – we’re following this with great interest. NVIDIA’s drivers for the better part, proved that you can have great experience as the drivers and hardware matures. It is also good to see that NVIDIA is still supporting over a million 3D Vision users. Even though the company slowly moved away from 3D Vision and is focusing on Virtual Reality, you’ll be happy to learn that game profiles are updated for several titles which were in the ‘Not Recommended’ section:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – updated to Excellent
  • Just Cause 3 – updated to Excellent
  • Rise of the Tom Raiders – updated to 3D Vision Ready

There are also some discontinuations of old technologies / features such as Hybrid Power, Hybrid SLI and more. You can read all about this in 364.47 WHQL Release Notes:

NVIDIA Driver Release 343 Legacy