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Uber Will Now Deliver Food Straight To Your Door

You use Uber? Then you’re gonna love this: “We’ve been cooking up something new. An app that makes getting great food from hundreds of restaurants as easy as requesting a ride.” – the official announcement of ordering a meal – with Uber.

The newly introduced app allows users to order takeaway food from favorite restaurants. But with a twist. You are still able to order food in a similar format, but this time you can order a meal and have it delivered onto longer distances – and with a dedicated app to serve all your ordering needs.

The new UberEATS app is now available on iOS and Android. Now, food lovers in ChicagoHouston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto can order from their favorite local restaurants, seven days a week, day and night. Well, that is if their joint is open to business during those times that is.

Additionally, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. are just around the corner. Unfortunately, Europe is still a long way before we get similar app/service access over here. This is mostly due to the over regulation that impedes Uber in most areas – something the tech company has been combating in recent years – with more and more success overall.


Uber learned quickly that getting a ride and ordering a bit to eat – are two different experiences in every facet of their nature. They each deserve their own home. Now, with the standalone UberEATS app, you can find and order the food you love and follow along on your phone as it comes right to you. Check out the app (if you live in any of the mentioned roll-out cities) and let us know about your experiences, we’re hungry (no pun intended) for some details.