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AMD Gaming Evolved Gets Updated

It seems that streaming is ‘all the rage’ right now. Showcasing your skills, giving fans across the world access to your gaming and showing your neat tricks. This is basically what’s it all about. Thanks to AMD’s Gaming Evolved this is now even simpler and even more easy to use.

We’ve talked a lot about the future of streaming/showcases of gameplay in recent months. For certain games, giving the individuals a first eye witness into the world of pro’s and other popular players is the way to go. Simply put, it increases the popularity and allows gamers, specially with certain titles, to earn more money than ever before. Product placement anyone? When utilizing streaming applications, the task at hand gets easier; where the same can be easily applied to AMD’s Gaming Evolved in every area.

How it works:

  • Recording begins automatically when you play; no need to remember to turn it on
  • Captures the entire session (like a replay) and automatically deletes older videos
  • Drop a bookmark with a hotkey whenever something cool happens to make a 30 sec clip
  • Editing optional – you can adjust the start/end time of your bookmarked clips
  • Create a highlight reel by selecting multiple bookmarks

amd gaming evolved (raptr) quality setting reverts to balanced (battlefield Hardline example)

Optimized for League of Legends and CS:GO

AMD Gaming Evolved gameplay recorder ( also has special integration with League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. So when you play these games, we use live match data to automatically create highlights of your kills, deaths, killstreaks, bomb plants, baron kills, etc., as shareable videos. These are undoubtedly two of the most played games worldwide right now and make a great choice to utilize AMD’s streaming application too. With new events coming up, services like these will see even more usage as well.


Easiest & Fastest Way to Share

It’s literally the fastest, easiest way to save and share your best gaming moments. Post your video to — the only community dedicated to every gamer’s highlights — and Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with a single click. If you already have the Gaming Evolved client, just restart to update to the latest version. For new users, you need to download AMD Gaming Evolved first, then simply install & play your favorite game, stream to other players and showcase your gaming prowess this way.

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