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Two Virtual Reality desktops will Shape Your VR Experience

As first customers are receiving their Oculus Rift VR glasses, and HTC is getting ready to start shipping their Vive system, we’re starting to see first all-encompassing virtual desktop experiences which quite frankly, are true virtual desktops. If you ever thought that the term ‘virtual desktop’ is multiple 2D planes which you can switch with hotkeys, think again.

Virtual Desktop 1.0

Guy Godin, an independent developer came up with quite frankly, the best Windows desktop experience we have seen so far. For 14.99 USD or EUR, you get a completely skinned, 360 experience that enables you to create the experience you will feel mostly comfortable with. And yes, watching movies on an IMAX sized screen sounds amazing if you have a good sound system. Oculus Rift headphones just don’t cut it, sorry.

We’re glad to see that Mr. Goodin made the application very affordable.

SpaceSys VR

SpaceSys UI is another beast altogether. 3DEA, originally Croatian studio moved to Silicon Valley after receiving an investment is working on developing a ‘virtual desktop’ which enables you to enhance your productivity by working on multiple parallel desktops at the same time. While still in early alpha stage, there is a lot of potential. Their SpaceSys project is also available on Steam Greenlight. Unlike the Virtual Desktop 1.0, SpaceSys is a concept to control multiple computers through a VR interface, potentially becoming the ultimate system administrator tool.

Both applications should work on both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, as well as a number of 3rd party VR headset providers which work under Valve’s SteamVR platform.